I asked the universe, “What shall I do with my time?” It told me to write little nuggets of thought.

I imagine you’re wondering if that’s really what happened, and if I were to say yes you might think I’ve jumped off the deep end.

The truth is, I jumped off in 2006 and landed in a different world with a wealth of exciting information in it. There were experts in every field, along with many other people who had jumped before me. I began asking questions, turning over every rock, and moving blades of grass.

I discovered I had been living in a world with its own truths, and didn’t know there could be other truths. It was like freedom. I was no longer tethered to the restrictions and fears of the world I just left.

My life took me to the edge, and I had no choice but to jump off. You don’t have to wait to jump off, it’s there for all to find the freedom I found.