Q. Why did you write the second book?
A. I wrote When You Think About It for the people who loved Breana and were worried about what was happening to me. As it turned out, people began to ask questions that I hadn’t covered in the book. I wrote the second book to answer those questions.


Q. Did you incorporate the first book into the second?
Yes, there were many relevant topics that needed to be re-addressed.


Q. How did you learn to write?
I was a hairdresser and business owner, not a writer. That changed when I lost my daughter. I became a researcher and began scribbling my thoughts on what I had been learning for my grandson and the people who loved her to read. My sister thought I should put it into a book for others to read. That meant I had to know my way around word processing on a computer. Am I a writer? Well, let’s just say I became a “writer” because of where my life took me. It was my determination to help others who were suffering and the help I received from others (the patient consultants at the Apple store, the people who read and critiqued my first drafts, an editor, and my book consultant) that writing became a part of who I am.


Q. How did you find a publisher?
I self-published my first book, so I first had to understand their legal contracts. Then I picked one. I chose my page layout, cover design, and everything else that you see in a book. I will find an agent and publisher for the new book which is a whole new world for me. That learning curve proved very stressful, so I threw my hands in the air and hired a book consultant.


Q. Is a book consultant expensive?
Yes, it is, but his advice has been invaluable to me. Whatever you do, don’t let that stop you from writing because there are other channels you can follow that are free. Anything worth doing requires effort and determination. Joining a writer’s club is a good place to start. Search “Writer’s Clubs in (your area),” and you’ll find many.


Q. Do you think you will write another book?
A. I didn’t know that I would write the first book or the second one, but I did. It seems I can’t
stop researching for answers to the questions I ask, so another book may already be forming
in my mind.


Q. Do you really know people don’t die?
I know, with certainty, we do not die. If you didn’t get that from reading my first book, then I
hope the new book will make that more clear to you.


Q. Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?
No. That means someone has judged you, and judgment is very different from what we think it is.


Q. Do you believe in God?
Absolutely, but not the same God I learned about in Sunday School.


I love to answer questions, so please feel free to ask them.