From the beginning, the author shows compassion as well as confusion for the loss of her daughter, Bre. Compassion because she wants her daughter back and confusion because she has no idea where she is and cannot accept the “normal” answers of death. Where did she go and why did she have to go? Will she ever see her again? This book is the journey the author took to find answers and in the travels of her mind found much more than that. We loved this book!

– Gene and Wendy Goosman

When You Think About It reads like a conversation. In fact, Bre and I had many conversations like it throughout our friendship that began when we were fifteen. Another day I would love to tell her mom who she was to me and how amazing it is that she brought up this glowing spirit that had the maturity in high school to philosophize religion with an open mind.

– Sarah Kummer

Wow! It looked like hours and hours of research went into the writing of When You Think About It. I thought it was great. It had me dripping on page 64 because Cyndi explained who Breana was so clearly. Great job!

– Arlene Gallagher

When Cyndi began her journey years ago, I didn’t realize I would be taking it with her. Yet, that is what happened. When You Think About It is the result of that journey and one I am happy to have been involved with. My faith, which was nonexistent, increased infinity times infinity during this time. I now believe that after my life is done here, I have a home to return to.

– Les Hanning

I found this book not only beautifully written and eloquent, but heartfelt and inspiring. I had to stop several times to process what Cyndi had written and think about my own life and how her message pertains to it. I felt Bre in this book. Bre was the person that I (and many others) would go to for inspiration and a fresh perspective. She often had a book for me to read that would be helpful. I kept thinking THIS would be a book she would have given me. Cyndi wrote, “My daughter, Bre, had an open and very curious mind. She would ask questions, lots of questions.” The author did this here and answered what she found to be true and has covered the questions that rose up in me while I was reading. I have felt a sense of hypocrisy toward organized religion, but this book helped me separate those feelings from God. It makes so much sense to me. I also resonated with what was written about choices and the feelings attached to them. I feel uplifted and hopeful after reading this book.

– Joanna Ford

A thought-provoking look at the hereafter and our religious beliefs in relation to today’s science. When You Think About It opens that door.

– Ruthie and Chuck Lee