I promise to give you insight into living a life with less fear and to live it more freely. We are extraordinary human beings with a tremendous amount of power inside and all around us. Join me in my blog for a bit of humor told through “Little Nuggets Of Thought” and insights through my blogs.

Does Everyone Go to Heaven?

Recently, a friend asked me if her beloved pet was in Heaven. I quickly answered, “Yes!” This was something I had researched after inheriting my daughter’s beloved pets: Max, Molly, and Liberty. I wanted to know if they would return to her when they left. The evidence I discovered was overwhelming that they would be


It seems I am attending more funerals lately: A friend's child, a husband, or one of my friends. I feel such pain for the family and wish I could put them inside of my head, so they can see what I see. We are eternal beings that cannot cease to exist. Those words offer hope,

Steadfast Thinking

Science and religion ask the same question, ”Where did we come from?” Had religion not discerned science to be a threat to their platform, they could have worked in unison, and we would have more answers today. When people are steadfast in what they believe, they cannot accept any evidence to the contrary and oftentimes won’t

Recording Ancient Stories

The oldest cave paintings date back some 64,000 years and were thought to be done by Neanderthals. Obviously, cave paintings leave a lot to the imagination. Early hieroglyphics came along 5,300 years ago which gave a little more clarity. By the eighth century BCE, approximately 2,800 years ago, the Greek alphabet was finally established and

The King on High

One of the first things I learned on this journey was the symbol used for the creator could not be translated with their limited vocabulary. Gods and pharaohs held all of the power, so the symbol became a powerful king on high. A pharaoh was considered a god who required complete allegiance. Describing the creator

Question Everything

Problems occur when we accept the things we are told without question. Prejudices run amuck, wars break out, and gossip destroys lives. Even our health is compromised, as well as our environment, when we don’t ask more questions. Where did that information come from, and what harm can that drug or chemical cause? We live

A Thorough Job

The day my daughter died, my life stopped and started over. The things I thought were important weren't important anymore. The goals I had set throughout my life, I had accomplished. But now, everything about my life felt insignificant and temporary. My daughter should have been with me throughout my life, but she was gone. I