Does Everyone Go to Heaven?

Recently, a friend asked me if her beloved pet was in Heaven. I quickly answered, “Yes!” This was something I had researched after inheriting my daughter’s beloved pets: Max, Molly, and Liberty. I wanted to know if they would return to her when they left. The evidence I discovered was overwhelming that they would be together again. Whatever is important to us here, is important to us over there. We are never separated from the things we love. Everything has great value and purpose. Nothing is garbage that is thrown away. I don’t know about the mosquito. Although he won’t be hungry, so you don’t have to worry about being bitten.

The Bible says that God’s love is unconditional, yet it is filled with conditions for His love. That is confusing as it contradicts the meaning of unconditional love. In answer to the question, “Does everyone go the Heaven?” Unconditional love can’t mean anything else. I know many will disagree since certain people are evil, and don’t deserve to be loved or forgiven. Don’t get stuck in the deep dark hole of bitterness, anger, and revenge. The book and movie, The Shack, demonstrate the damage we do to ourselves and others when we hold onto those vibrations. We must trust there is a reason, and a perfect plan, that we will one day understand.