Beliefs should never cause us to set ourselves above others. If they do, we need to rethink our beliefs.


Defending God to the point of war discredits Him. He doesn’t need mankind to fight His battles, and never did


Everyday science makes discoveries proving the interconnection between all things. What stops us from internalizing and living that truth?


As races blend together, we will finally be seen as one human race.


It is consciousness that connects us to the one consciousness that created us.


Consciousness is an awareness inside of me and all around me. All I have to do is listen to hear it wants the very best for all of creation.


When life pushes us to the edge, we find ourselves doing things we never thought we would or could. I think that’s why we find ourselves standing on the edge in the first place.


Hate and anger arise out of fear, so it is fearful people who cause all of the pain and suffering.


Energy and matter are fundamentally the same things, which is why Einstein surmised that the solid world of matter was more of an illusion than it was real.


When we observe nature, it shows that all things work together as one. How far can we disconnect before everything stops working?