As Earth becomes critically ill, she will be forced to protect herself by eliminating the disease.


When people of authority tell us that something is forbidden to us, fear causes us to toss it aside without any investigation.


Fear causes us to react without thinking. Be aware when fear tactics are being used to steer us away from seeing the truth.


The happenings in our life and the choices we make create vibrations of joy or woe. Those same vibrations move out and away from us affecting the entire planet and the people around us.


Inside every religion, there are beautiful beliefs and loving people. It is beliefs that set themselves above others that create separation and gives religion a bad name.


Microorganisms are not inert. They can learn, communicate, and evolve in relationship to their environment. Sounds like we have a lot in common with tiny microorganisms—perhaps because we are made of the same stuff.


Everything moves relative to something else. According to Einstein, that includes time. I notice the older I get, the faster time moves. So, it seems to me that time is moving faster relative to my age.


How many years will we be able to drink the same water that Jesus or Aristotle drank? When I learned the water on Earth was all of the water that had ever been, and through the centuries we have recycled the same water, I understood the concern in the rate we were polluting it.


Religion and science have been swimming in the same water all along. They ask the same questions. “How did all of this happen, and where did we come from? If we looked at ancient writings with a scientific eye, we would see many truths buried inside misguided interpretations.