We are made of energy and surrounded by energy. A person who is highly sensitive to energy may appear to be a crybaby, but the sadness they feel is not theirs—it is coming from inside the energy fields around them.


Technology keeps advancing. When I was young, there were telephone wires running everywhere. Now, we have wireless cell phones. My grandchildren laughed when I told them, “You’ll tell your grandchildren that when you were young, there were roads running everywhere. Now, we have solar-driven, computerized, floating cars.”


Life is harder for people who can’t see the changes they need to make in their life. Then again, those changes are the changes I think they should make. It’s possible they are right where they need to be, in order to accomplish what they came here for.


We don’t have the knowledge to judge another person’s journey. What each person has come to experience on Earth is unique to them. We are here to love and support one another, even if that sometimes means we have to back away and let them figure it out on their own.


I couldn’t find enough to appreciate about a mosquito. All I can say is go to the light little mosquito—ZAP. I wonder what that says about me?


Life is all about making choices. We feel a certain urgency to make the right choice, but we learn from any choice we make. Since learning is our purpose, there is never a wrong choice.


You don’t have to know what your purpose is. Your purpose may be as simple as saying the right thing at the right time to someone who needs it. Put your energy somewhere else, and let your purpose evolve in its own way.


Don’t dwell on the failed cake. If you think you have the right ingredients to bake the cake, then bake the cake. However, if you found an ingredient was missing after you put it into the oven to bake--just toss it out and start over.


My daughter believed if it didn’t fit into her backpack, she wouldn’t need it on vacation. I always overpacked which made it heavy to carry, and most of it was unnecessary. Don’t complicate your life by carrying around unnecessary baggage.


What do parents know anyway? The father squirrel advised his son to store food for the winter, but he didn’t take that advice. So, guess who moved back home for the winter?