In an instant my life changed when, in 2006, I lost my only child, Breana. She was twenty-nine and a new mother. The shock of losing her was like a wound that wouldn’t heal. Faith was no longer enough, I became obsessed with finding answers. Who are we, why are we here, where do we come from, and is there any proof of eternal life? The mysterious event that began my journey was surprising, but I didn’t rule anything out. I knew I wouldn’t stop searching until I found my daughter again.


I started by studying subjects such as:

  • Mediums/prophets
  • Religions
  • Near-death experiences
  • Reincarnation


Those fields led me into:

  • Science and the quantum world
  • Chemistry and Biology
  • Evolution

Besides finding my daughter, I found so much more…


I wrote my first book, When You Think About It, for my grandson, Owen. I wanted to give him the answers I had found and to capture the essence of the mother he had never known.


NOW in my soon to be published memoir, I hope to share with you the things I wrote for Owen plus much more. Each topic was a separate investigation, and I wanted all of it in one book. I discovered there was an answer to all of my questions just waiting to be observed and understood. You can easily understand subjects you felt were outside of your comfort zone, because I had to understand them first.


I hope it will help you know we are extraordinary beings that are eternal—and never alone.



I look at my paycheck and say, “Oh, if I didn’t have to pay taxes.” If paying taxes was an option I might opt out, but then I would be living in a country with no amenities or protection. I take comfort in knowing there are first responders that will come to my aid. Oh...


I hate weeding and wonder why I can’t learn to love them growing in my yard. They were here long before man existed. They have a right to grow wherever they want. I should tend to them the way I tend to my other plants. I don’t do that because they look messy, and I...


Today is a beautiful sunny day. A week ago it was a beautiful rainy day and before that it was a beautiful cloudy day. I’m sorry, did I say beautiful rainy and cloudy days? I look outside my window on a beautiful sunny day and see the beautiful water in the bay and the lush...


Once a month I have lunch with my friends. We worked together for many years and couldn’t imagine not seeing each other again. We laugh and tell stories of what’s been happening in our lives. Then when it is time to leave, we set the next date, and I walk away feeling uplifted. I am...


What happens when we die? When I lost my daughter, Breana, I jumped off the deep end and landed in a place where I found the answer. Religion opened the door, but science took me inside. You don’t have to be in crisis. The truths are there–waiting to be found.

Does Everyone Go to Heaven

Recently, a friend asked me if her beloved pet was in Heaven. I quickly answered, “Yes!” This was something I had researched since I inherited my daughter’s pets: Max, Molly, and Liberty. I needed to know if they would return to her when they left. The evidence I found was overwhelming that they would be...


It seems I am attending more funerals lately: A friends child, a husband, or one of my friends. I feel such pain for the family and wish I could put them inside my head, where they can see what I see—we are eternal beings on a journey that never ends. There are no words I...

Steadfast Thinking

Science and religion ask the same question,”Where did we come from?” I believe science and religion were meant to work together. Had religion not seen science as a threat to their platform, perhaps we would have the answer to that question today. When people are steadfast in what they believe, they cannot accept any evidence...

Recording Ancient Stories

So far, the oldest cave painting dates back some 64,000 years ago and was thought to be done by Neanderthals. Obviously, cave paintings leave a lot to our imagination as to what the stories are about. An early hieroglyphic came along 5,300 years ago. Before that, ancient stories passed down mainly through the oral tradition....

The King on High

One of the first things I learned on this journey was the symbol used for the creator in ancient texts could not be defined with the vocabulary they had in that day, so they used the only words they could. Gods and pharaohs were thought to hold all of the power, so they interpreted the...

Question Everything

Problems occur when we accept the things we are told without question. Prejudices run amuck, wars break out, and gossip destroys lives. Even our health is compromised as well as our environment when we don’t ask more questions. Where did that story or belief come from, and what harm can that drug or chemical cause?...

A Thorough Job

The day my daughter died, my life started completely over. The things I thought were important weren’t important anymore. The goals I had set throughout my life, I had accomplished. But now, everything about life felt insignificant and temporary. My daughter should have been with me forever, but she was gone. I knew I would...