It seems I am attending more funerals lately: A friends child, a husband, or one of my friends. I feel such pain for the family and wish I could put them inside my head, where they can see what I see—we are eternal beings on a journey that never ends. There are no words I can say that, in some way, don’t sound empty. For the atheist there is no hope, for the agnostic, there is a sliver of hope, and for the believer, there is hope God has their loved one. However, I had a mother ask me about her son who committed suicide. Her religion had taught her all suicides go to Hell. So now that hope was clouded with fear. People who end their lives have suffered enough already. To believe they will be punished by continuing to suffer for all eternity is absurd. I have come to know there are no i’s to dot and no t’s to cross. The creator I discovered on this journey is beyond any of that.

My friend’s father is filled with cancer and she was told to think positive. There is nothing to be positive about, there is only hope. Hope in a miracle, hope in eternal life, hope you will be together again, hope he will still be a part of your life—those are the things I now know to be true. For her, there is only hope until she can know what I know. I remember when hope was all I had to hold onto. I also remember thinking I would not find the proof I was seeking, but I did, and it’s there for her too.