It seems I am attending more funerals lately: A friend’s child, a husband, or one of my friends. I feel such pain for the family and wish I could put them inside of my head, so they can see what I see. We are eternal beings that cannot cease to exist. Those words offer hope, but without knowing what I know, they bring little comfort.

An atheist has no hope of life after death, an agnostic has a sliver of hope, and the believer hopes God has their loved one. Although, their hope can be clouded with fear if they believe God judges whether a person is worthy to receive His love or be cast aside into an eternal pit of darkness. The creator I discovered on this journey loves us unconditionally, so I don’t believe He would see anything to judge. Judgment will not be what we expect it to be.

My friend’s father is filled with cancer and she was told there was no hope. She can still hope for a miracle, hope life is eternal, hope she will be with him again, and hope he will always be a part of her life. Those things I know to be true, but, for her, there is only hope until she can know what I know. I remember when hope was all I had to hold onto and am grateful for that. That hope led me to find the proof I was seeking, and I hope to share it with you.