Question Everything

Problems occur when we accept the things we are told without question. Prejudices run amuck, wars break out, and gossip destroys lives. Even our health is compromised, as well as our environment, when we don’t ask more questions. Where did that information come from, and what harm can that drug or chemical cause? We live in a time of search engines where we can find information on both sides of the coin. (By the way, when searching for the truth, search under lawsuits for drugs or chemicals. I found a different story there.)

I read hundreds of books, used search engines, attended seminars, and listened to webinars in my search to find proof of eternal life. That search led me into fields I didn’t expect to be going in. Things like quantum theory, chemistry, consciousness, relativity, and spacetime continuums, I didn’t think related to the question of eternal life. However, the more I questioned how our bodies work and how the universe was formed, the more evidence I found to support that concept including the idea that a superconsciousness must have existed long before we got here.