A Thorough Job

The day my daughter died, my life started completely over. The things I thought were important weren’t important anymore. The goals I had set throughout my life, I had accomplished. But now, everything about life felt insignificant and temporary.

My daughter should have been with me forever, but she was gone. I knew I would spend the rest of my life trying to find her. Is there any proof of eternal life?

In my youth, I was taught all I needed was faith. Have faith, everything has a purpose. Have faith, God will not give you more than you can handle. Have faith, God hears your prayers. That wasn’t working for me anymore. My faith was nonexistent. In fact, I wasn’t sure if there even was a God, but of course, I hoped there was. Because if He Existed, so did my daughter.

I asked, “Please help me find my little girl.”

To my surprise, that is exactly what happened. I learned to pay attention and to act on the odd things that began to happen. The book, person, place, or thing that caught my attention, I would investigate. Not only did I find where my daughter was, I found the answers to all of the questions I had asked throughout my life, including who and what God was. He did a thorough job of answering my prayer.